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2" Cube Maker System


This molding system uses watertight polypropylene liners which fit into a 3-gang metal mold frame. Cubes are removed from mold and liners are stripped, eliminating mold cleanup. Unbonded capping system required when using this method.

Kit includes: metal 3-gang mold, 27 disposable liners, 2 stainless steel retainer cups and 4 compression pads.

Does not meet ASTM C-109 or AASHTO T-106 specifications, but offers substantial cost savings.

Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs.

  Price QTY


Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-0280-LPlastic Disposable Liners$86.00
CA-02872" Unbonded Capping Retainers$86.50
CA-02882" Compression Cube Pads, 4 clear (90 duro)$28.00
CA-0288-R2" Compression Cube Pads, 4 red (80 duro)$28.00


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