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Aquaprobe™ Soil Moisture Meter

Aquaprobe™ Soil Moisture Meter Aquaprobe™ Soil Moisture Meter

The Aquaprobe™ can determine the soil moisture content of different types of soils and other fine aggregate. Simply insert the five prongs in the soil to be measured and review the percentage moisture on display. A special guide is supplied to assist the user with inserting the prongs in particularly dense soil. An average of five to ten readings is normally taken in order to ensure a valid reading, especially as water does not distribute itself evenly through various types of materials.

The basic unit comes pre-calibrated for lean clay, silt, sand (Ottawa Sand and SP sand) and general types of silty-sandy soil. These soils represent the most commonly found types. This makes the basic unit the economical choice when evaluating soil moisture levels.

The complete system includes equipment to create custom calibration curves for different types of soil. The instrument can be programmed with up to ten different materials by the user. For highest accuracy, the unit should be programmed for the material being tested. Simple to use software is provided for calibrating the unit to the various materials.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Aquaprobe™ Basic
Aquaprobe™ Complete with Software