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Soils: Beakers, Plastic

No-drip spout for easy pouring, these beakers are translucent, chemical resistant, and stack without sticking together. Raised numeric graduations show approximate volume (±5%). Steam autoclavable at 121º C (250º F).

Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-0700-PPlastic Beaker, 50 ml$3.95
SA-0701-PPlastic Beaker, 100 ml$4.00
SA-0703-PPlastic Beaker, 250 ml$6.50
SA-0704-PPlastic Beaker, 400 ml$6.75
SA-0705-PPlastic Beaker, 600 ml$9.95
SA-0707-PPlastic Beaker, 1000 ml$13.50


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