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Concrete: Curing Racks

These durable racks are manufactured from plastic compounds and recycled materials to resist moisture, abrasion, chemical and temperature variations. Each rack has built-in handles, making them easy to carry and safely stacked 12 tiers (58") high. The racks unique open frame design allows water vapor to flow through and saturate the surface of each individual cylinder, and also separates and prevents cylinder surfaces from touching each other for improved temperature control.

Each rack holds 4 - 4" x 8" cylinders and is 17-5/8" wide x 6-3/8" deep. The weight of one rack with 4 cylinders is approximately 37 lbs. One base rack is required for each stack.

CA-0218 Kit includes: 1 base rack and 5 stacking racks

CA-0219 Kit includes: 1 base rack and 11 stacking racks

Item # Description Price QTY
CA-0218Curing Rack, 4" x 8" Cylinders 6/ctn$50.95
CA-0219Curing Rack, 4" x 8" Cylinders 12/ctn$99.95


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