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Scales: SC-0120 Series Bench Scale

Large, easy to read, backlit LCD display, full range tare function, large stainless steel pan. 5 weighing units of kg, g, lb, oz, lbs:oz. Rechargeable battery for up to 90 hours operation and AC adapter. A hanger can be factory installed for below balance weighing.

Item # Description Price QTY
SC-0122-ABench Scale, 16 lbs. x 0.0002 lbs. (8000 g x 0.1 g)$435.00
SC-0123Bench Scale, 16 lbs. x 0.0005 lbs. (8000 g x 0.2 g)$356.00
SC-0124Bench Scale, 35 lbs. x 0.001 lbs. (16 kg x 0.5 g)$349.00
SC-0125Bench Scale, 70 lbs. x 0.002 lbs. (32 kg x 1 g)$349.00
SC-0126Bench Scale, 100 lbs. x 0.005 lbs. (48 kg x 2 g)$349.00
SC-0127Weigh Below Hanger (factory install only)$124.00
SC-0128Carrying Case$85.00


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