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Soils: Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set

Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set for use with granular soils in determining the coefficient of permeability via the constant or falling-head method for laminar flow of water. Funnel provides adjustable constant head reservoir. Top cap applies 5-10 lbs. of force against top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes. Compact and portable unit includes permeameter; manometer tube; two funnels; either porous stones or perforated screens depending on diameter, and tubing for connection to water source.

NOTE: This item ships in one (1) box.
Freight Charges will be adjusted appropriately

Item # Description Price QTY
SA-2200Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set, 2.5" (63.4 mm)$490.00
SA-2202Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set, 3" (76 mm)$490.00
SA-2204Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set, 4.5" (114 mm)$635.00
SA-2206Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set, 6" (152 mm)$870.00
SA-2208Constant/Falling Head Permeameter Set, 9" (229 mm)$1109.00


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