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Soils: Graduated Cylinders, Plastic

Polypropylene graduated cylinders have a single scale with raised numerals for easy reading. Flared top rim and large spout facilitates pouring and hexagon shaped base provides stability. Chemically resistant and autoclavable at 121 C (250 F). Translucent.

  • NOTE: Orders of 10 or more cylinders will be boxed together in a larger container, this may effect your shipping cost.
Item # Description Price QTY
SA-0709-P10 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$5.40
SA-0710-P25 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$6.25
SA-0711-P50 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$7.95
SA-0712-P100 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$9.25
SA-0713-P250 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$11.50
SA-0714-P500 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$15.20
SA-0715-P1000 ml Graduated Plastic Cylinder$19.00