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Soils: Liquid Limit Machines

Manual liquid limit machines feature brass cup which is suspended from an adjustable sliding holder, setting the height of the drop from a thumb screw in the back. The brass cup is easily removed for cleaning and inspection. The hard rubber base is machined on all sides. Rubber feet isolate the base from the work surface.

Liquid Limit device with counter has a mechanical counter that records the number of cup drops. Motorized model with mechanical counter gives greater uniformity in the test procedure and allows the operator to more closely duplicate test results in the same soil. All models include ten ASTM plastic grooving tools.


Item # Description Price QTY
SA-0301Liquid limit Device, Manual$291.00
SA-0312Liquid Limit Device with Counter$377.00
SA-0322Liquid Limit Device Motorized$758.00
SA-0330ASTM Grooving Tool & Gauge Block$28.90
SA-0330-PPlastic Grooving Tool$22.00
SA-0335AASHTO Grooving Tool$36.00


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