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Scales: CKT Series Bench Scale

Backlit display changes color for quick notification of check-weighing limits. Color coded keys, large stainless steel pan. Sealed keypad protects against dirt and spills. Weighing units of g, kg, lb., oz and lb:oz. Rechargeable battery included. A hanger can be factory installed for below balance weighing.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
SC-0260Bench Scale 16 lb. x 0.0002 (8000 g x 0.1 g)$478.00
SC-0261Bench Scale 16 lb. x 0.0005 (8000 g x 0.2 g)$406.00
SC-0262Bench Scale 35 lb. x 0.001 (16 kg x 0.5 g)$406.00
SC-0263Bench Scale 70 lb. x 0.002 (32 kg x 1 g)$406.00
SC-0264Bench Scale 100 lb. x 0.005 (48 kg x 2 g)$406.00
SC-0127Weigh Below Hook (factory installed)$116.25
SC-0266Hard Carrying Case with Lock$79.05
SC-0265Bench Scale 35 lb. x 0.0002 (16 kg x 0.1g)$504.00