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Manual Compression Testing Machines

CM-4000 Series

CM-4000 Series CM-4000 Series

Meets ASTM C-39, E-4 and AASHTO T-22 specifications.

  • Testing range of 4,000 to 400,000 lbs. (17.8 – 1,780 kN) with an accuracy of ±.5% of indicated load.
  • Rigid heavy duty load frame design.
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Designed to meet the demands of production testing programs where day to day performance is required. Its heavy duty load frame features thicker crossheads and our wrap around frame design which extends the frames side members around the crossheads. It is then fully welded forming a solid one piece load frame for the maximum stability needed for repeatable and accurate test results year after year.

The loading of heavy specimens is easier with the frames wider horizontal opening and large lower compression platen table, cylinders with pad cap rings are easily set on the front edge of the table and then slid into place, not lifted. The lower platen is through hardened to 55 HRC or greater and hard nickel plated for longer service life.

The machines digital indicator, loading control valve and hydraulic pump are positioned on the right side of the load frame for easy access, increased productivity and safer operation by positioning the operator to the side of the machine when testing. It features a quiet running continuous duty hydraulic pump and pressure compensated loading control valve for superior rate of load control. Both units are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards.

Available with three different digital load indicating systems, you can select from a basic budget minded unit or an advanced unit that will automatically calculate and display stress test results and will transfer to a PC all of the test data required for a C-39 test report.

Standard safety features include steel fragment guard doors on both frame openings and a high pressure hydraulic safety valve which prevents the machine from operating beyond its maximum capacity. Optional safety features include a piston over-extension limit switch (available on all models) and an electronic overload protection switch. This switch automatically turns the hydraulic pump off when the machine reaches its maximum capacity or at sample failure, and is available on iD and TS17 models only.

Console CM-4000 series machines are available with a separate free-standing control console. Design features of the console include; a 30° sloped face for easier reading of the digital display, a close arrangement between the loading control valve and the digitals keypad for economy of movement, a space saving design requiring only 2.25 sq. ft. (.2 sq. m) of floor space, and a heavy gage metal housing with large rear access panel. The console houses the digital system, loading control valve, hydraulic pump and electrical system.

Warranty 2 years on parts and labor.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

400K Compression Machine, 2270 Digital, 3/4 hp
400K Compression Machine, i720 Digital, 3/4 hp
400K Compression Machine, iD Digital, 3/4 hp
400K Compression Machine, TS17 Digital, 3/4 hp

Compression Testing Machine CM-4000 Specifications

Max. Compression Capacity 400,000 lbs 1,780 kN
Vertical Opening * 18.375 in 467 mm
Horizontal Opening 13.312 in 33.8 mm
Piston Stroke 2.5 in 63.5 mm
Machine Dimensions on Stand Width 39.875 in 1,013 mm
Depth 20 in 508 mm
Height 61.250 in 1,556 mm
Lower Platen, Diameter Width 12 in 305 mm
Depth 18 in 475 mm
Spherically seated upper platen, Dia. ** 6.5 in 165 mm
Pump Electric .750 hp .6 kw
Oil Reservoir Capacity  2 Gallon 7.6 liter
Electrical Requirements 115/230/1/60/50
Shipping Weight 1,620 lbs 734 kg
Console Dimensions *** Width 18 in 457 mm
Depth 18 in 457 mm
Height 44.25 in 1,124 mm
* Frame opening dimensions are without test platens installed in machine
** Upper Test Platen MA-0101 is supplied standard in all Models
*** Consoles are standard with all C-Model Machines