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Comparator, Digital


Measures length changes of hardened cement paste, mortar, and concrete prismatic specimens. Comparator for 10" effective length samples has a digital indicator with a range of .600" and resolution of .0001". Measures inches and millimeters, includes batteries and AC adapter. Unit can be zeroed at any point on the range and can be switched from inches to mm by pressing a button. Unit accommodates tests specimens up to 4" x 4" cross section. Includes invar reference bar.


Shipping Weight: 33.00 lbs.

  Price QTY


Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-2950-DD50Digital Dial Indicator, 220/50$480.00
CA-2954Prism Mold 1"x 1"x 10" - 1 gang$137.50
CA-2955Prism Mold 1"x 1"x 10" - 2 gang$133.00
CA-2960Prism Mold 2"x 2"x 10" - 2 gang$194.00
CA-2962Prism Mold 3"x 3"x 10" - 1 gang$174.50
CA-2964Prism Mold 4"x 4"x 10" - 1 gang$242.00
CA-2965Gauge Studs$7.20


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