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Concrete: Air Meter Replacement Parts

Concrete air/pressure meter replacement parts are available from Test Mark. Use our diagram to find the part you need for easy online ordering.

Air Meter Replacement Parts
Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-0500-01Pressure Chamber$30.50
CA-0500-02Pressure Chamber Cap$46.50
CA-0500-03Pressure Chamber Elbow$5.50
CA-0500-04Pressure Chamber Gasket$1.85
CA-0500-5GAir Bleeder Valve Cap and Gasket$3.85
CA-0500-06Air Bleeder Valve Stem$3.10
CA-0500-08Stainless Steel Gauge$79.50
CA-0500-8GGauge Glass, 3-3/4" Diameter$9.60
CA-0500-09Pump Assembly$52.95
CA-0500-9VPump Check Valve - Brass$11.00
CA-0500-9VPPump Check Valve - Plastic$2.25
CA-0500-10Pump Housing O-Ring$1.15
CA-0500-11Pump Plunger O-Ring$1.00
CA-0500-12Needle Valve Stem$20.50
CA-0500-13Needle Valve Nut$1.05
CA-0500-14Needle Valve Lever w/Cover$7.75
CA-0500-55Red Cover - Needle Valve Lever$0.75
CA-0500-15Needle Valve Spacer$2.05
CA-0500-16Needle Valve O-Ring$1.45
CA-0500-17Needle Valve Spring$3.15
CA-0500-18Brass Nut$1.20
CA-0500-19Male Connector$2.85
CA-0500-20Needle Valve Seat O-Ring$1.15
CA-0500-21Needle Valve Snap Ring$3.60
CA-0500-22Lid Only$205.50
CA-0500-23Lid Seal, 8"$9.95
CA-0500-24Lid Petcock$11.95
CA-0500-25Unit Weight Measure, 1/4 cu ft (7.1 L)$245.50
CA-0500-26Latch Assembly$35.00
CA-0500-27Clamp Tab$11.25
CA-0500-28Adjusting Rod$4.00
CA-0500-29Pan Head Screws$0.75
CA-0500-30Calibration Vessel$24.00
CA-0500-31Calibration Tube, Bent$10.00
CA-0500-32Calibration Tube, Inside$5.50
CA-0500-34Aluminum Strike-Off Bar, 12" L x 1" W x 3/16" thick$9.80
CA-0500-35Syringe, 3 oz.$5.25
CA-0500-39Gasket Repair Kit - TMI$20.60
CA-0500-60LReplacement Latch & Pin for Gray Style Case$3.95
CA-0500-70Plastic Carrying Case, black$117.50
CA-0500-65LReplacement Latch for Black PM Case, set of 2$6.00