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Soils: Constant Head Permeameter Cell

Cells are used to determine the coefficient of permeability by the constant head method for laminar flow of water through granular soils. Two manometer ports are grooved & screened on the inside. 100 mesh screens are used to prevent migration of material through valves & tubing during test. Top cap applies 5-10 lbs. force against top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes. Each chamber is supplied with valves, porous stones or perforated screens depending on the diameter of sample, tubing for connection to water source and manometer tubes.


Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-1110Constant Head Permeameter Cell, 2.5" (63.4 mm)$335.00
SA-1112Constant Head Permeameter Cell, 3" (76 mm)$345.00
SA-1114Constant Head Permeameter Cell, 4.5" (114 mm)$650.00
SA-1116Constant Head Permeameter Cell, 6" (152 mm)$735.00
SA-1118Constant Head Permeameter Cell, 9" (229 mm)$950.00