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Compression Machine Accessories: 2” Cube Platen Test Set

Test both cubes and cylinders

Used for testing 2” (50 mm) cubes and 3” (76 mm) diameter cylinders and cores in compression. Cube test set consists of a spherically seated platen assembly and a lower pedestal used for positioning the cube sample at the correct height for testing.

The bearing block of the upper platen is hardened to 60 HRC and plane to .0005” (.01 mm). The upper bearing block is closely held in its spherical seat, but is free to tilt in any direct and seat securely under load.

The platen is easily installed in the upper crosshead of the load frame and is securely held in place by either the holding stem, socket bolt or draw rod system.

Spacers are required for testing 3” diameter cylinders or cores. Cube pedestal is not used when testing cylinders or cores.

Meet ASTM C-109, C-1604, C-39 and AASHTO T-22, T-106 specifications.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
MA-0112-SA2” Cube Test Set, CM-0030$677.00
MA-0112-A2” Cube Test Set, CM-2500$686.00
MA-0114-A2” Cube Test Set, CM-3000$666.00
MA-0115-A2” Cube Test Set, CM-4000, CM-5000$686.00