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Curing Tank Heater


This curing tank immersion heater has an adjustable thermostat and a 1,000 watt 15 amp incolloy shielded heating element that resists rust. Its stainless steel control box is equipped with an on/off switch, pilot light, 65" long 3 prong grounded plug, 19" long heating element, is fused for protection, mounting bracket and complete instructions labeled on control box.

Heater is designed for indoor operation to maintain up to a 350 gallon tank at specified temperature when ambient temperature is 53°F or above. Its heating efficiency is increased when used with one or more water circulating pumps, depending on tank size.

NOTE: Ordering three ( 3 ) or more will change packaging dimensions. You can call for updated freight rates or Freight Charges will be adjusted automatically.

Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs.

  Price QTY


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Circulating Pump CA-0935Circulating Pump$118.50
Floating Thermometer DISCONTINUED CA-0792Floating Thermometer DISCONTINUED$22.95
4" x 8" Cylinder Lifting Handle CA-02134" x 8" Cylinder Lifting Handle$51.00
6" x 12" Cylinder Lifting Handle CA-02166" x 12" Cylinder Lifting Handle$56.00
6" x 12" Cylinder Carrier CA-02176" x 12" Cylinder Carrier$42.00