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Concrete: Cylinder Molds - Plastic

Molds are a single piece, non-absorbent, injected plastic unit for consistent shape and dimensional tolerance. They are weather resistant and have an unlimited shelf life. Lip provides a flat surface for striking off a smooth top cylinder surface, and adds additional strength to help retain round sample shape for easier centering in retainer rings. Top lip ring is v-notched for easier insertion of a stripping tool. Their light gray color is less heat absorbing.

Tight fitting reusable plastic lids are sold separately.

2" x 4" molds are black plastic.

  • Oversized Shipping Charges Apply !

Full Pallet Quantity:
6x12 molds, 17 cartons per pallet
4x8 and 3x6 molds, 30 cartons per pallet


Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-02066" x 12" (152 x 305 mm) Plastic Mold with Lip, 20/ctn
Bulk Pricing: 21+ @ $30.00/ea.
CA-0206-016" (152 mm) Domed Lid for Mold with Lip, 20/ctn
Bulk Pricing: 7+ @ $8.00/ea.
CA-02094" x 8" (102 x 203 mm) Plastic Mold No Lip, 36/ctn
Bulk Pricing: 21+ @ $35.50/ea.
CA-0209-014" (102 mm) Domed Lid for Mold No Lip, 36/ctn$13.68
CA-02083" x 6" (76 x 152 mm) Plastic Mold no lip, 80/ctn$85.00
CA-0208-013" (76 mm) Domed Lid for Mold no Lip, 80/ctn$28.80
CA-02322" x 4" (50 x 102 mm) Black Plastic Mold no lip 75/ctn$85.00
CA-0232-012" (50 mm) Flat Lid, 75/ctn$30.00


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Stripping Tool CA-0240Stripping Tool$19.25