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Compression Machine Accessories: Cylinder Splitting Set

Used to determine the splitting tensile strength of concrete cylinders.

The cylinder splitting head has a bearing contact area of 12” (304 mm) long by 2” (50 mm) wide, its surface is machined plane to .001” (.025 mm) and has a scribed center line of the face of the bar for easier centering of test samples.

Note: A lower bearing plate 12 ½” (317 mm) long by 7” (178 mm) wide is supplied with MA-0120 Splitting Test Set for use in CM-2500 series machines.

Meets ASTM C-496 and AASHTO T-198 specifications.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
MA-0120Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-2500$1105.00
MA-0123Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-4000/5000$680.00
MA-0124Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-3000$653.00


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