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Compression Machine Accessories: Cylinder Splitting Set

Used to determine the splitting tensile strength of concrete cylinders.

The cylinder splitting head has a bearing contact area of 12” (304 mm) long by 2” (50 mm) wide, its surface is machined plane to .001” (.025 mm) and has a scribed center line of the face of the bar for easier centering of test samples.

An optional splitter spacer assembly bolts to the top of the fixture, to allow testing of 4" x 8" cylinders.
(New models only)

Note: A lower bearing plate 12 ½” (317 mm) long by 7” (178 mm) wide is supplied with MA-0120 Splitting Test Set for use in CM-2500 series machines.

Meets ASTM C-496 and AASHTO T-198 specifications.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
MA-0120Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-2500$1105.00
MA-0123Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-4000/5000$680.00
MA-0124Cyl. Splitter Assy. CM-3000$653.00
MA-0122-ASplitter Spacer Assembly$141.00