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Soils: Hand Augers

Hand augers with quick connectors feature heavy gauge, heat treated carbon steel bucket with cupped blades to facilitate hole advancement. Auger head, extensions and T-handle are zinc electroplated for rust resistance. Blade diameter exceeds the bucket diameter to produce a 3 5/8" diameter hole. Auger assembly includes standard auger head, T-handle and (1) extension.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-12013¼" Standard Hand Auger Assembly$124.00
SA-12023 1/4" Windowed Hand Auger Assembly$145.00


Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-1200-06Auger T-Handle$24.50
SA-1200-07Auger Head, 3 ¼" Standard$74.50
SA-1200-07WAuger Head, 3 ¼" Windowed$93.00
SA-1200-0836" Auger Extension$32.00
SA-1200-10Replacement Connector Pin$1.80