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Soils: Hydrometers

Plain form hydrometer has an approximate length of 280 mm.

The ASTM 151H is graduated with a range of 0.0995 to 1.038 in 0.001 divisions at 68° F for specific gravity.

The ASTM 152H has a range of -5 to +60 grams in 1 gram divisions at 68° F for grams of soil colloids per liter.

Hydrometer jars are used to suspend soil hydrometers in sodium hexametaphosphate solution for determining the amount of soil particles in a dispersed suspension. Jar is 18" high x 2.5" diameter marked for a volume of 1000 ml.


Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-0660Soil Hydrometer, Scale 151H$23.50
SA-0661Soil Hydrometer, Scale 152H$24.00