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Liquid Limit (manual) Test Set


Liquid Limit Test Set consists of:

Manual liquid limit machine
Plastic grooving tool, pkg of 10
250 ml Evaporating Dish
S.S. Spatula, 4" x 3/4",
2.5 oz. Sample Tins, pkg of 48
100 ml Graduated Glass Cylinder


Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs.

  Price QTY


Name / Part Number Price QTY
SA-0330ASTM Grooving Tool with gauge block$28.90
SA-0330-PPlastic Grooving Tool, Set of 10$24.50
SA-0335Metal Grooving Tool$45.00
SA-0365Evaporating Dish$14.50
SA-0371Spatula, 4" x 3/4" Blade, 7.8" overall length$10.50
SA-0380Sample Tins 2.5 oz, 48/pkg$64.00
SA-0712100 ml Graduated Glass Cylinder, 1.0 ml subdiv$16.95