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Plastic Roll-A-Meter Kit


Order Replacement Parts:

Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-0600-01PTop Expansion Plug$25.50
CA-0600-02PClear Calibrated Tube Assembly$45.00
CA-0600-03PCalibration Decal$13.95
CA-0600-04PMeter Top Housing$117.00
CA-0600-05PMeter Bottom Base$102.00
CA-0600-06PMeter Instruction Decal$12.00
CA-0600-07PStainless Steel Clamp Assembly$87.50
CA-0600-08PPlastic Carrying Case$73.50
CA-0600-09PPlastic Tamping Rod 5/8" x 12"$15.50
CA-0600-12PStrike-Off Bar$9.85
CA-0600-15PMeter O-Ring Gasket$10.95

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