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Pocket Shear Vane Tester

Pocket Shear Vane Tester Pocket Shear Vane Tester

The pocket shear vane tester provides a quick and efficient method for determining shear strength values of cohesionless values of soils and is widely used for taking on-site measurements of excavations. The pocket shear vane can be used to gather a large number of readings including those from different failure planes without the need to prepare and trim samples.

The pocket shear vane can be used with fully-saturated, fine grained soils with an undrained strength independent of normal pressure, including a wide range of clays from soft to stiff consistency. Readings can be made from 0 to 1.0 TSF (1 kg/cm²). The dial on the unit reads in 0.05 TSF (0.05 kg/cm²) increments.

Pocket shear vane device includes three vanes which are easily attached or removed with the included L-wrench. Also included is a heavy-duty nylon bag with belt clip and a laminated instruction card.

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Pocket Shear Vane Tester