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Concrete: Rebar Locator

The Rebarscope™ enables the user to not only locate reinforcement bars but also determines depth and size. Rebar diameter can be estimated by using a fully automated simple system of comparison. Feedback to the user can be made via the digital screen or via head phones. Optional software allows the upload and storage of data points. Probe dimensions are 5" x 2.4" x 1.6" (12.7 x 6 x 4.1 cm). Battery life is 4 – 6 hours continuous use. Memory capacity is 80 thousand data points. Locates rebar up to 8" (200 mm) deep, bar size up to 4 ½" (115 mm.

Rebarscope™ includes the main unit, probe, 8 foot cable, sizing template, charger and head phones.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-2582Rebarscope Basic Kit$4580.00
CA-2582-SRebarscope Basic Kit with Software$5310.00