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Scales: FG Series Platform Scales

These rugged scales feature high resolution, two selectable weighing units of lb or kg, a 12" x 15" stainless steel platform and leveling feet with bubble indicator. They are powered by an AC adapter included or four C size batteries with up to 150 hours of working time, and have a low better power alert indicator.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
SC-0300-NDigital Platform Scale, 60 lbs. x 0.005 lb. (30 kg x 0.002 kg)$600.00
SC-0310-NDigital Platform Scale, 150 lbs. x 0.01 lb. (60 kg x 0.005 kg)$600.00
SC-0320-NDigital Platform Scale, 300 lbs. x 0.02 lb. (150 kg x 0.01 kg)$640.00


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Carrying HandleSC-0330-NCarrying Handle$95.00
Wall Mounting BracketSC-0337-NWall Mounting Bracket$83.00