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Sand Equivalent Test Set


This sand equivalent test set comes in a vinyl covered wooden carrying case. Kit includes 4 - clear plastic cylinders, 8 oz. stock solution, weighted foot assembly, siphon assembly, funnel, 3 oz. measuring tin, solid stopper and irrigator tube.


Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.

Price $305.00


Test Cylinder CA-4060-01

Price $35.00

Stock Solution, 8 oz. CA-4060-02

Price $7.50

Stock Solution, 1 gallon CA-4060-03

Price $44.00

Weighted Foot Assembly CA-4060-04

Price $80.00

Siphon Assembly CA-4060-05

Price $26.00

Plastic Funnel CA-4060-07

Price $6.50

Measuring Tin CA-4060-08

Price $2.50

Rubber Stopper CA-4060-10

Price $5.50

Irrigator Tube CA-4060-11

Price $35.00


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