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250K Compression Machine, DI Digital, 1/2 hp


CM-2500 Series
250,000 lbs./1,112 kN Capacity

  • Accuracy of + .5% of indicated load from 2,500 to 250,000 lbs. (11 €" 1,112 kN)
  • Four digital load indicating systems to choose from, select a basic budget minded unit or

an advanced model with automatic stress calculation display.

  • Quiet running continuous duty hydraulic pump
  • Supplied with platen set for 6" (150 mm) cylinders using unbonded or sulfur capping method and steel safety guard doors

The CM-2500 has all of the features you look for in a basic compression testing machine. They are accurate, compact, portable, versatile and dependable.

Their load frames feature our wrap around box construction with each corner fully welded on both the inside and outside crosshead seams, for the rugged stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results year after year. The load frame is also protected with our unique baked on powder coated painting process, for a durable long lasting finish that will also keep it looking good for years to come.

The machines digital indicator, loading control valve and hydraulic pump are positioned on the right side of the load frame for easy accessibility, increased productivity and safer operation by positioning the operator to the side of the load frame opening during testing. Featuring superior rate of load control, its unique quiet running continuous duty hydraulic pump and pressure compensated loading control valve, are manufactured to ISO 9100 international quality standards.

Available with four different digital load indicating systems to choose from. Select a basic budget minded unit or an advanced system that will automatically calculate and display stress test results at the end of a test.

The CM-2500 Series machines are available in two model styles, the standard self-contained machine in models CM-2500-DI, DIR, LXI and iD or with a separate freestanding console model CM-2500-D.

Standard safety features include; steel fragment guard doors on both frame openings and a high pressure hydraulic safety valve which prevents the machine from operating beyond its maximum capacity.
Optional safety features include: a piston over-extension limit switch for all models and an electronic overload protection switch that automatically turns the hydraulic pump off at either sample failure or when the machine reaches its maximum capacity on LXI, iD and D models only.

Optional accessories include: test platen and spacer sets for testing a wide range of specimen types, a cylinder loading shelf, heavy duty machine mounting stand and ¾ hp hydraulic pump.

All models in the CM-2500 Series meet ASTM C-39, E-4 and AASHTO T22 specifications. Warranty 2 years on parts and labor.

Cylinder Loading Shelf Option

This inexpensive option makes it safer and easier to set up, load and unload 6" (150 mm) cylinders with pad caps.

The heavy-duty steel shelf features a plastic laminated top so cylinder and retainer rings slides smoothly onto the lower test platen for easy centering in the load frame. Load frame is predrilled for easy installation of shelf. Kit includes mounting shelf and bolts.


CM-2500- 250,000 lbs. capacity, available with all digital models
CM-2500- 250,000 lbs. capacity, console available with iD or LXI digital models**

Supplied standard with ½ hp electric hydraulic pump. To order ¾ hp pump option, add "P" suffix to model number. Electrical requirements 110 v, 60 Hz, 1 ph. Please specify 220 v, 50/60 Hz

** Supplied with machine mounting stand


MA-0200 Machine Mounting Stand
MA-0135 Cylinder Loading Shelf