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DIR Digital ONLY


DI/DIR Digital Load Indicator

ü Simple and easy to use, no data entry required by the operator

ü Accuracy of + .5% of indicated load

The DI/DIR digitals are basic easy to use budget minded load indicators. The DI model displays live load and peak load automatically at the end of a test. The DIR model simultaneously displays both live load and rate of load in force units per second during a test and peak load automatically at the end of a test.

Both models are the easiest to use digitals available, with features of automatic test reset and automatic peak load display. The automatic test reset function eliminates the need to zero the digital between tests when testing a series of specimens. If manual zeroing is required, simply press the Zero key at the start of each test. Peak load is automatically displayed at the end of a test through the pre-set sample break detector function.

For easier reading of load values, the digitals face is set on a 60º angle and the display uses 3/8" (9.5 mm) characters protected by a non-glare scratch resistant window. Load value engineering units of lbs, kN, Kg and N are user selectable.

Designed for years of dependable service, the digitals tactile keys have a life cycle of greater than 2 million uses.

Accuracy is + .5% of indicated load from 1% to 100% of machine capacity exceeding ASTM C-39 and E-4 requirements. The calibration program is password protected in permanent non-volatile memory. The DI/DIR digitals have no hard copy test documentation capabilities.