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CBR Test Press, Mechanical


The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) loading press uses a two-position mechanical jack to provide steady test speeds, as well as rapid travel of the platen for positioning of the sample. Includes a 11,000 lbf (48.8kN) calibrated load ring, a penetration piston, a 1.000" x .001 dial indicator and a dial indicator bracket, Overall dimensions: 18" x 12" x 34" (45.8 x 30.5 x 86.4cm).


Shipping Weight: 132 lbs.

Price $2,200.00


CBR Mold, 6\" SA-0110

Price $165.00

CBR Spacer Disc SA-2015

Price $89.00

LBR Mold, 6\" SA-0109-L

Price $178.00

LBR Spacer Disc SA-2015-L

Price $81.20

Swell Plate SA-2017

Price $110.00

Surcharge Weight, Solid SA-2030

Price $38.00

Surcharge Weight, Slotted SA-2031

Price $55.00

Filter Paper SA-2019

Price $12.00

Penetration Piston SA-2013

Price $70.00

Filter Screen SA-2016

Price $10.00

Tripod Attachment SA-2018

Price $55.50

Dial Indicator 1.000\" x .001\" SA-2020

Price $96.00

Magnet Holder with Swivel Adapter Yoke SA-2021

Price $90.75

Cutting Edge SA-2032

Price $42.50


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