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Scales: Triple Beam Balance

This classic balance features magnetic damping, three graduated-tier beams, 6" dia. stainless steel weighing pan, below balance weighing with unique removable tripod legs and weigh-below hook, larger more stable base, factory installed security built into base and positive poise positioning, all standard.

To secure the balance for use in the field, an optional heavy duty plastic carrying case with aluminum reinforced corners and edge strips is available. The case features a locking lid and a die cut foam insert which conforms to the shape of the balance and weights.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
SC-0035Triple Beam Balance, 2610 g x 0.1 g$158.00
SC-0035-TTriple Beam Balance with 225 g Tare Bar, 2610 g x 0.1 g$168.00
SC-0012Triple Beam Balance, 610 g x 0.1 g$126.00


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Carrying Case SC-0056Carrying Case$60.45
Stainless Steel Scoop SC-0065Stainless Steel Scoop$150.00
Polypropylene Scoop SC-0070Polypropylene Scoop$49.30