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Aggregate: Wet Wash Sieves

These wet washing sieves have an extra deep frame to contain water, so fines are washed through the No. 200 mesh sieve without losing any portion of the sample. Sieves have brass frames and permanently installed stainless steel cloth. Models with backing support cloth are also available.

Name / Part Number Price QTY
CA-2000-SNo. 200 Wet Wash 8" x 4"$204.00
CA-2002No. 200 Wet Wash 8" x 4" with back up cloth$207.00
CA-2005No. 200 Wet Wash 8" x 8"$226.00
CA-2007No. 200 Wet Wash 8" x 8" with back up cloth$249.00
CA-2000-12FNo. 200 Wet Wash 12" x 4" with back up cloth$179.00