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Windsor Probe Kit


The Windsor Probe evaluates the compressive strength of in-place concrete. It can be used to test floor or paving slabs, ceilings, side walls, and curved surfaces on fresh or mature concrete. System comes with pistol-like driver, which is powered by an exactly measured explosive charge, two hardened-steel alloy probes, template and depth gauges for single and triple probe test, extractor, calculation table, and electronic measuring device, all in a sturdy case.

The Electronic Measuring device is menu-driven and programmed for selection according to the following parameters: aggregate hardness, lightweight, normal or HP concrete, American or metric units. The three individual tests are automatically averaged and displayed on the LCD in accordance with ASTM procedure. This data together with time and date of the test are stored in the memory for subsequent uploading to a PC. An extractor is supplied to facilitate probe removal after the test. Measurements to 17,000 psi (110 MPa)


Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs.

  Price QTY


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Silver Probes, set of 3 CA-4005Silver Probes, set of 3$61.00
Gold Probes, set of 3CA-4006Gold Probes, set of 3$74.00
Silver Probes, Case of 75 CA-4008Silver Probes, Case of 75$929.00
Gold Probes, Case of 75CA-4009Gold Probes, Case of 75$990.00