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Concrete: Pad Caps and Retainer Rings

Pad-cap retainer rings hold neoprene pads that fit onto the ends of concrete test cylinders. Made from plated high-alloy steel to resist rust and deformation fatigue. Bearing surfaces machine-planed to within 0.002". Supplied two per set.

Neoprene pad inserts are made from a tough elastomeric material that evens out and fills irregularities in the ends of concrete cylinders to assure even distribution of test loads for consistent results.


Item # Description Price QTY
CA-01916" Retainer Rings (2)$139.00
CA-0191-506" Pad Caps, 50 Duro$7.90
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.75/ea.
CA-0191-606" Pad Caps, 60 Duro$7.90
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.75/ea.
CA-0191-706" Pad Caps, 70 Duro$7.90
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.75/ea.
CA-02004" Retainer Rings (2)$131.50
CA-0200-504" Pad Cap, 50 Duro$7.60
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.43/ea.
CA-0200-604" Pad Cap, 60 Duro$7.60
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.43/ea.
CA-0200-704" Pad Cap, 70 Duro$7.60
Bulk Pricing:   12+ @ $7.43/ea.
CA-02033" Retainer Rings (2)$177.00
CA-0203-503" Pad Cap, 50 duro$6.24
CA-0203-603" Pad Cap, 60 Duro$6.24
CA-0203-703" Pad Cap, 70 Duro$6.24
CA-02022" Retainer Rings (2)$170.00
CA-0202-012" Pad Cap, 50 Duro$12.00
CA-0202-602" Pad Cap, 60 Duro$12.00
CA-0202-702" Pad Cap, 70 Duro$12.00
CA-0205Quick Release Powder Kit$31.00
CA-0205-01Powder Refill, 2 pack$50.00
CA-0205-02Dispensers of Powder, 2 pack$24.50


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