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Concrete Pressure Meter


✔ Heat treated aluminum lid and base for increased durability

✔ Meters smooth sloped lid allows concrete and water to roll right off greatly reducing maintenance problems.

✔ Cast in handles make it easier to carry.

✔ Bowl is ¼ cu. ft. (.007m³) capacity, its base is machined flat so it sits level and firm when conducting a test, can also be used as a unit weight measure.

The meter features easy to use one-piece self-locking stainless steel clamps and o-ring seal, assuring a watertight seal between lid and base. A stainless steel 4” (10.16 cm) diameter direct percentage reading gauge with calibration adjustment is easily read to the nearest .1 percent. All brass pump with longer stroke and large easy to grip knob builds pressure quicker and is shielded to keep dirt and water out of piston area. Petcocks have stainless steel ball valve and are vinyl coated for a sure comfortable grip. A high-impact horizontal plastic carrying case with die cut closed cell foam padding holds meter and all accessories securely in place.

Kit includes: Meter, carrying case, syringe, tamping rod, strike-off bar, calibration vessel, inside and outside calibration tubes, instructions and parts list.

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Shipping Weight: 35.00 lbs.

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Product Videos

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Calibrating a Test Mark Pressure Meter

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Replacing a Pump on a Test Mark Concrete Pressure Meter

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Replacing Check Valve on a Test Mark Pressure Meter Pump


Name / Part Number Price QTY
Stainless Steel Gauge CA-0500-08Stainless Steel Gauge$79.50
Pump Assembly CA-0500-09Pump Assembly$52.95
Tamping Rod 24" long x 5/8" dia. CA-0400Tamping Rod 24" long x 5/8" dia.$8.90
Round Mouth Scoop, 8 1/2" L x 5" W x 3 1/2" D Bowl CA-0420Round Mouth Scoop, 8 1/2" L x 5" W x 3 1/2" D Bowl$18.00
Rubber Mallet, 16 oz. CA-0470Rubber Mallet, 16 oz.$13.75
Aluminum Air Meter Calibrator CA-0500-43Aluminum Air Meter Calibrator$62.00
Brass Pro Cali-Can CA-0500-42Brass Pro Cali-Can$95.00