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Test Platens and Spacers

Cylinder Platen

  • Free floating bearing platen seats under test pressure.

Used when testing 6” (152 mm) or 4” (101 mm) diameter concrete cylinders in compression. Platen is manufactured from steel with all components plated for corrosion resistance.

Its bearing platen is 6.5” (165 mm) in diameter, through hardened to HRC 55 or greater, plane to .0005” (.02 mm), has scribed concentric circles, and is hard nickel plated for wear resistance.

Note: An optional spacer is required for testing 4” (101 mm) diameter cylinders.

Meets ASTM C-39 and AASHTO T-22 specifications.

MA-0101 Cylinder Platen assembly for CM-2500, CM-4000, CM-5000 and CM-6000 series machines.

MA-0104 Cylinder Platen assembly for CM-3000 series machine.

back to top»2" Cube Platen Test Set

  • Test both cubes and cylinders.

Used for testing 2” (50 mm) cubes and 3” (76 mm) diameter cylinders and cores in compression. Cube test set consists of a spherically seated platen assembly and a lower pedestal used for positioning the cube sample at the correct height for testing.

The bearing block of the upper platen is hardened to 60 HRC and plane to .0005” (.01 mm). The upper bearing block is closely held in its spherical seat, but is free to tilt in any direct and seat securely under load.

The platen is easily installed in the upper crosshead of the load frame and is securely held in place by either the holding stem, allen bolt or draw rod system.

Spacers are required for testing 3” diameter cylinders or cores. Cube pedestal is not used when testing cylinders or cores.

Meet ASTM C-109, C-1604, C-39 and AASHTO T-22 and T-106 specifications.

MA-0112-SA 2” Cube Test Set, CM-30

MA-0112-A 2” Cube Test Set, CM-2500

MA-0114-A 2” Cube Test Set, CM-3000

MA-0115-A 2” Cube Test Set, CM-4000 and High Capacity Series

back to top»6" (152 mm) Cube Test Set

  • Used for testing 6” (152 mm) concrete cubes and cylinders in compression.

The platens bearing block is 6.5” (152 mm) square, through hardened to HRC 55 or greater, plane to .0005” (.012 mm) in any 6” (152 mm) area, has concentric circles for easier centering of cylinders and is hard nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance.

Kit includes; spherical seated platen assembly and spacer. Note: A 6.5” (152 mm) square lower platen is supplied with MA-0113 cube set for use in CM-2500 series machines.

Meets ASTM C-39 and AASHTO T-22 specifications.

MA-0111 Cube Test Set, CM-3000 series machines

MA-0113 Cube Test Set, CM-2500 series machines

MA-0116 Cube Test Set, CM-4000 and higher capacity series machines

back to top»Carrier Bracket

  • Easier and safer mounting of Block Platen

The Carrier Bracket is used for safer removal and mounting of the block platen assembly inside the load frame, and should be considered a must have option when testing masonry units.

The brackets heavy duty arm is mounted on the rear left hand corner of the load frame and pivots on two hinged joints, allowing the complete assembly to rotate smoothly into and out of the load frame. When not in use platen and arm are conveniently stored on rear of machine.

Carrier Bracket option is available on all CM-4000 through CM-1000 series machines.

MA-0190-P Stationary Carrier Bracket, 5000 series

back to top»Cylinder Loading Shelf, CM-2500 Series

  • Easier loading of 6” cylinders in CM-2500 series machines.

This optional shelf was designed to make loading and positioning of 6” (152 mm) cylinders with pad cap rings both easier and safer in a CM-2500 series machine.

The shelf features a heavy-duty steel design with a plastic laminated top, so cylinders with retainer rings slide smoothly onto the frames lower test platen.

MA-0135 Cylinder Loading Shelf option

back to top»Draw Rod

  • Safer, easier and faster changing of test platens and spacers.

The draw rod system is used to adjust the inside vertical working height of the load frame, to allow for testing samples of different heights through the use of spacers and test platens. The system is made up of a steel hand wheel with internal ball bearings and a threaded rod that is easily raised or lowered inside the load frame for height adjustment. Spacers slide onto the rod, the rod is threaded into the test platen, and the assembly is then tightened against the crosshead.

Draw rods are included with all prism load frame model machines, and can be purchased as an option for all CM-4000 through CM-1000 machines.

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Installing a Breaking Head in a Test Mark Industries Concrete Compression Testing Machine

back to top»Flexural Beam Attachment

  • One fixture tests both 4" and 6" beams

Used to determine the modulus of rupture for both Center and Third Point beams with depths of either 4" or 6".

The upper heads load bearing blocks are easily changed for center or third point test configuration for either size beam. Bottom support blocks are set in the lower support channel with a fixed span of 18" for 6" beams, and with a fixed span of 12" for 4" beams, with two height adjusting spacers.

Meets ASTM C-78-18, C-293, AASHTO T-97, T-177 specifications.

MA-0117-18 Flexural Attachment for 4" and 6" beams, CM-3000 series machines

MA-0119-18 Flexural Attachment for 4" and 6" beams, CM-0030, CM-2500, CM-4000 and high capacity series machines.

back to top»4” Beam Fixture Conversion Kit

Economical way to convert your Test Mark MA-0117-A1 or MA-0119-A1 Flexural Beam Fixture for testing beams with depths of either 4” or 6”.

Kit Includes: One each Ball and Rod Support Base, eight Support Spring Locking Pins, two roll pins for Rod Base and one Top Support Transition Plate with 4” bearing block spacing positions.

Note: For both MA-0117-A1 and MA-0119-A1 Beam Fixtures purchased between October 2013 and May 2019.

MA-0119-CK Beam 4” Conversion Kit

back to top»Masonry Platens

  • Models available for testing 12” (305 mm) and 8” (203 mm) wide masonry units.

Both models feature large diameter spherical disk and seat assemblies, and platen bearing surface plane to .001” (.025 mm) in any 6” (152 mm) direction, through hardened to HRC 60 and plated for wear and corrosion resistance. The bearing block is held securely in it seat assembly by a series of heavy duty springs and safety links which allow it to rotate freely and seat under load.

The MA-0107-P is used with units up to 12” (305 mm) wide and meets ASTM C-140 and C-1314 specifications.

The MA-0106 is used with units up to 8” (203 mm) wide, and is supplied with a bottom bearing block.

MA-0106 Platen assembly used with CM-2500 series machines

MA-0106-3 Platen assembly used with CM-3000 series machines

MA-0107-P Platen assembly used with all high capacity series machines.

back to top»Cylinder Splitting Set

  • Used to determine the splitting tensile strength of concrete cylinders.

The cylinder splitting head has a bearing contact area of 12” (304 mm) long by 2” (50 mm) wide, its surface is machined plane to .001” (.025 mm) and has a scribed center line of the face of the bar for easier centering of test samples.

Note: A lower bearing plate 12½” (317 mm) long by 7” (178 mm) wide is supplied with MA-0120 Splitting Test Set for use in CM-2500 series machines.

Meets ASTM C-496 and AASHTO T-198 specifications.

MA-0120 Cylinder Splitting Set with lower platen for use in CM-2500 series machines.

MA-0123 Cylinder Splitting Set use in CM-4000 and high capacity series machines.

MA-0124 Cylinder Splitting Set use in CM-3000 series machines.

back to top»Spacers

Spacers are used with test platens to adjust the vertical working clearance height inside a machines load frame, for testing samples of various types and sizes to prevent over-extension of the load frames piston.

They are manufactured from steel and machined plane on both ends to maintain a parallel alignment between spacers and test platens. Spacers are painted for corrosion resistance.

Spacers are available in four model types; three model types for mounting against the machines upper crosshead by the holding stem, socket head bolt or draw rod methods, and one model type that sits on the machines lower crosshead used with a bearing platen.

Spacers CM-0030 and CM-2500 Series

MA-0638 - 6.5" Dia. x 1" thick spacer

MA-0604 - 6.5" Dia. x 2" thick spacer

MA-0609 - 6.5" Dia. x 3" thick spacer

MA-0639 - 6.5" Dia. x 4" thick spacer

Spacers CM-3000 Series

MA-0662 - 6" Dia. x 4" thick Spacer for testing 4" x 8" cylinders

MA-0661 - 3" Dia. x 5" thick Spacer for testing 3" x 6" Cylinders

MA-0666 - 3" Dia. x 7" thick Spacer for testing 2" x 4" cylinders