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Digital Load Indicating Systems

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Product Literature

Item # Description Literature MSDS Instruction/Manuals
CA-0100 Capping Compound CA-0100-info.pdf msdsCA-0100.pdf
CA-0205 Quick Release Powder Kit msdsCA-0205.pdf
CA-2980-02 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets, 1 lb. msdsCA-2980-02.pdf
SA-0220 Ottawa Density Sand 50 lb. msdsSA-0220.pdf
SA-0262 Speedy Moisture Reagent, 1 can msdsSA-0262.pdf
SA-0590 Sodium Hexametaphosphate, 1 lb. msdsSA-0590.pdf
CA-0500 Air Entrainment/Pressure Meter PM-PARTS-LIST.pdf CA-0500-instr.pdf
CA-0610 Aluminum Roll-A-Meter Kit CA-0610-instr.pdf
CA-0710 Chase Air Kit CA-0710-instr.pdf

Compression Testing Machine Literature

Category Item # Description Instruction/Manuals
2500 Series 250K Machine O-Ring Replacement Instructions O-ring-Repl-250k.pdf
2500 Series 250K Machine Platen Installation Instructions Platen-installation-250k.pdf
2500/3000 Series 1/2hp Pump Pump Assembly-250K/300K Machines pump12.pdf
High Capacity 3-4-5K Machine O-Ring Replacement Instructions O-ring-Repl-3-4-5k.pdf
High Capacity 4K+ Machines Platen Installation Instructions Platen-Installation-400K.pdf
High Capacity 3/4hp Pump Pump Assembly – 4K+ Machines pump34.pdf
Control Valve Valve Control Valve Assembly Valve.pdf